22 November 2009

To my followers here:

Dear All,

I am really pointing this directly to gjthomson, because he started following me in July of this year, even though I hadn't written a darn thing since 2007. (That's dedication, boy!)

I've taken the blog down. I don't intend to come back to Blogger because I've found it easier to use Wordpress the past few years.

My business has also taken off so well that I don't have the time I used to have to write about issues. (You should be at home with me, though, and listen to me rant in the house!)

I am on Facebook and MySpace and have been dragged kicking and screaming to post the occasional tweet on Twitter. If you go to my personal website, though, it will take you everywhere else you'd like to go as far as my social networking and writing is concerned.

I'd love to hear from you - all of you - so don't hesitate to contact me through the site.

I will leave this up until 1 January. After that, I'll take down the blog. Cheers!

Much love,